Start Quarter 2 off Successfully!

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of 2014 is already gone. Before we get too far into quarter 2, let’s have a look at the things that can make your human resources and management team excel. What kinds of things should your management team or HR managers focus on for the next few months to ensure the remainder of the year is successful?

5 Tips to Kick-Start Quarter 2

  1. Employee Retention.
    A big issue hitting corporations today is the need to focus on employee retention. As the market shifts to being a more candidate driven marketplace, employees who were content to stay in their jobs during the recession are ready to make changes. Focusing on keeping superstar employees and providing career development is imperative.
  2. Employee Recognition.
    In line with retention, companies should also spend some time considering their employee recognition programs. When employees feel as though their contribution for the company is appreciated. Positive reinforcement of a job well done can help keep your employees engaged and happy on the job.
  3. Projections for Hiring. Human resources should work with managers to determine what the needs for their departments will be for the rest of the year. Will anyone be leaving the company on a short term basis such a maternity leave? Make connections with local staffing companies before the need becomes critical.
  4. Office Safety Procedures. Especially in an office environment, safety often goes unevaluated. Making safety a priority can help keep medical and worker’s compensations costs down long term. Evaluate your office’s ergonomics and determine any hazards that could be easily fixed. Make a long term plan for additional improvements.
  5. Wellness Programs. Another way to help cut the costs of medical insurance is to promote healthy living in your office. Create programs that encourage your team to get and stay healthy. Offer tools to quit smoking. Offer memberships to a local gym. Replace the snack machine in your break room with healthier choices.

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