3 Task Management Apps that Will Improve Your Workday

Have a lot to do during a normal workday?

We all do.

That’s why something called ‘task management’ is in vogue today. It’s a way to prioritize all of those little things that need done, and really focus in on each task to achieve good time management. So how do you do this?

One way is with some neat modern apps that will help you to define you what you have to do, and how to get started. Here are three of the tools that we’ve seen used a lot by busy managers and others who really need to prioritize during the workday.


This cross-platform application helps to get all of the critical information for tasks into one central place. In the dot.com age, Evernote has really emerged as a top planning tool. By creating little digital “notes,” almost like post-it notes, that they can keep on their smart phones or add to a workstation desktop, busy professionals can keep that key information with them, to manage an entire process and get timely reminders about what needs to be done.


Part of the appeal of the Any.do task management app is its “syncability” — moving task information from web to mobile and back is easy, and task descriptions show up clearly on a small smartphone screen. You can also integrate Any.do with calendar tools.

Any.do is also popular with procrastinators. Yes, you can check off the tasks that you get done, but you can also push them later with a simple click of a button — by dragging them to ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week.’ All that aside, Any.do can also be a helpful way to complete check lists and follow simple instructions, rather than trying to remember everything that needs to be done.


Sociidot brings a kind of ‘narrative’ approach to task management. In this platform, individual users create stories for processes. Then they populate those with little tasks and that will define a timeline. Think of it as a kind of reverse engineering process — instead of simply writing a list of tasks, you start with the big picture. What is the end result that needs to be done? What’s at the finish line? Then you work backward and define all of the steps that will help you get there. This approach is really useful, because it helps to ensure that new tasks will be met. It also helps to provide context for everything that your smartphone or computer will be telling you to do later. And that’s why a lot of busy professionals really like Sociidot as a way to generate and prioritize work.

Try any of these modern web and mobile apps to boost your productivity and stay on top of all of your responsibilities at work. For more on task management, time management and work, keep an eye on Full Steam Staffing as we talk about the biggest challenges for companies and career professionals in today’s modern work world.