How to Show Your Current Employer You’re Ready for the Next Step in Your Career

You’ve paid your dues, done your sweat equity, and put your shoulder to the wheel for years. Now it’s time to move up. But what if management at your company isn’t immediately responsive to the idea that you’re going places?

Here are some key ways to give yourself better visibility at work, and to make sure that you have every chance of getting the next promotion.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

One of the best things you can do to advance is to start to accumulate credits in professional development and continuing education. Most industries have this kind of path: for example, in finance, various certifications and qualifications apply. In education, teachers keep learning about classroom and curriculum issues. Real estate agents keep learning about the markets.

However, in addition to achieving these educational milestones, you need to make sure the employer knows that you’ve met them. One way to do this is to pursue those goals in tandem with your manager or supervisor or other top people in the company. Take advantage of any publicly offered opportunities, and ask whether others are available.

Show Commitment

Companies want to promote people who are going to be around for the long run. They don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into promoting people who are going to jump ship for greener pastures. There are a number of ways to show commitment, but many of the more direct ones involve conversations with management. Be proactive and let them know that you’re making this your career destination, not just putting in time and looking at job postings out of the corner of your eye.

Learn About Next-Level Tasks

This tip goes to the heart of the process of career advancement. When you’re in a job role further down, you’re not actively doing those things that you need experience in when you want to get promoted. But what you can do is learn about those things peripherally. Some of this happens in mentoring programs. But if you don’t have a mentor, get out there and look around. Network and talk to people outside of your business. Go to trade shows and conferences. And put that knowledge to work for you.

Build Relationships

As much as people might crow about meritocracy, the key reality is that businesses tend to reward people who have good relationships with those who are making the decisions. When you want to impress an HR team or leadership board, it’s as much about showing off your personal culture and work ethic as it is about attaining technical skills. In some levels, the key is to be involved. Just stay involved and stay active in internal networking, and you’re more likely to get some attention when opportunities open up.

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