Why You Should ALWAYS Research a Company Before You Apply for a Job with Them

Too many job seekers have a relatively simple outlook on how to look for their next gainful employment. They just blanket the town with resumes and cover letters, and they jump at the first chance they get to interview.

However, these days, as unemployment drops, we feel like it’s often better for people to do a little research before chasing companies. This will keep job seekers from spinning their wheels and putting in way too much effort for things that don’t really pan out in the end.

Look at the Skill Set and the Role

It’s a bummer to buy a good suit and go all the way into town, only to be told the job is out of your reach. Look carefully at the job postings before you put your resume into the mix. That doesn’t mean you can’t aspire to take something just outside of your skill level. It just means that if it’s clear that you don’t have the qualifications, spend your energy elsewhere.

Understand the Corporate Culture

The long and short of it is that companies build different corporate cultures — some support families and positive workplaces, and others don’t. The corporate culture can be the difference between an empowering, awesome job and a job that’s really a long stay in hell. Research is the only way to figure that out. Examine the corporate culture and read company literature before applying, and ask additional questions during your interview.

Assess Work/Life Balance

In this age of digital media, some companies really expect you to be stuck to your desktop or smartphone 24/7. Others have a more realistic view of how the job works with your family life. Think about work/life balance and how it applies to your life — if you’re a parent, expecting kids, or you have a lot of important responsibilities beyond the job, find a place that will respect that instead of one that will always pull you back into the next 16-hour shift.

Look Out for Laissez-Faire Companies

Some companies have a very different problem — they don’t monitor employees enough. They let toxic people run loose in the company. You can sometimes get some sense of this through word-of-mouth, or look online for reviews of the company from former employees. If through this basic research, you get the sense that there are some bad people at work there, you may want to steer clear to save yourself some heartache later.

Is the Business Doing Well?

You also want to harness your wagon to a rising star, and not walk in the door of a cash-strapped business that’s on its way out. You can often see signs of desperation at interview or in different corporate communications. Make sure you’re going for a job that’s well supported by excellent cash flow.

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