Consider This…What are the Negative Impacts of Working at Your Company?

Sometimes when you want to find your strengths, you start with your weaknesses. People talk about this idea in human resources, for instance, when it’s time for interviews. A similar concept can be applied to your company.

By figuring out what’s worst about working at your company, you can start to implement fixes that will make your company better. That’s the idea behind starting with the negatives and working towards positives.

Evaluate Negatives

Think about what it’s like to come to work at your business each day. What’s your “people culture” and are there challenges within it? Are the hours flexible, or do people have to always haggle about scheduling? Is there innovation in your company that makes it a compelling place to work? Do people have room to grow?

You’ll find better answers for some things than others. Get a short list of the issues that seem to challenge your particular enterprise.

Implement Particular Solutions

With these in hand, think about creative ways to solve problems.

If you have people problems at your company, there are many ways to handle that. You want to get feedback from employees to try to minimize the effect of toxic workers on teams. You want to empower people to be creative and inspire them to work harder at their jobs.

If lack of innovation at your company is a problem, you need a new program that will dazzle and inspire your workers. Come up with new initiatives that demonstrate what management can bring to the table to motivate and allow people to dream.

Enjoy Growth

When you have these kinds of systems in place, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your work. You’ll see people coming to work each day with more vitality and more passion. You’ll see more high-value, high-talent people attracted to your business and coming to interviews. And you’re also likely to see a boost in profits, because word of mouth is a powerful thing, and positive companies attract a lot of attention through it.

Another way to get a boost is with outside or temporary labor. If you’re struggling with work overload and that’s impacting morale, having some extra hands on deck can make all the difference. Full-time staffers can feel important by directing new temporary workers on how to handle some elements of core operations. At the same time, you’re freeing up your schedule on allowing more versatility and flexibility for the people who make your business what it is.

Too many businesses want a “maximum efficiency” when it comes to scheduling and staffing. They want to cut costs. But this can actually work the opposite way: people feel squeezed and stressed. They withhold discretionary productivity. Worse, there’s high turnover. So cutting those pennies leads to losing dollars.

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