Questions to Ask Your Light Industrial Candidate to Ensure Job Success

When it comes to light industrial work, every company is different, but there are some standards and guidelines that can apply across entire industries. Why should staffing services understand these standards? Because you can more easily match a worker to a company by asking him or her some basic questions to see how much he or she knows about light industrial work in general.

Dressing for Work

Good light industrial standards start with what people wear to work.

Experienced temporary workers know the idea, as well the standards, inside and out.

They know why you wear steel-toed boots to work, why people on an assembly floors don’t wear ties, and when to avoid loose jewelry or baggy clothing.

They’re already tuned into one of the most important aspects of physical job operations, which is that improper types of dress can really decrease productivity and cause dangerous situations in a light industrial (or heavy industrial) environment.

Understanding Drug Policy

Some people who have been in light industrial for a while, understand the need for drug-free workplaces.

They’re knowledgeable about how companies test for controlled substances, and why. As a result, by asking the right questions, you can skip some of misunderstandings that can cause problems during hiring. Drug policy is often critically important in light industrial, and you need people who can accommodate those policies.

Fire Safety Regulations

When you have competent and experienced people, you may still be required to conduct all safety training for and each individual applicant, but you can benefit from hiring people who are more aware about fire risk. It might make sense to ask about someone’s prior knowledge of fire safety, including the safety of entrances and exits to a building. Experienced people may be able to conduct their initial trainings more quickly, and they’ll have an additional level of knowledge that will guide them in the industrial environment.

Equipment Handling

There’s another reason to employ people who are more experienced and knowledgeable about workplaces. They are less likely to break the rules on equipment handling.

Many federal and state standards on equipment handling involve prohibiting equipment use by minors, and making sure that non-native English speakers have adequate knowledge about equipment dangers before they operate machinery. Some equipment requires certifications or specific training. Experienced workers are less likely to try to use equipment they’re not certified for, or use equipment improperly and cause accidents. Reckless use of equipment is a major risk in a light industrial facility. Whether it’s operating moving pallet jacks or other conveyors, or handling compactors or high-pressure machinery, workers have to know exactly how to complete operations in a safe way.

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