Minimize Workplace Safety Hazards With These Tips

Want less of a chance of accidents at work?

Of course you do. Even one workplace or industrial accident is impactful!

It costs in terms of reputation, and it costs in terms of worker’s compensation insurance premiums. It costs in terms of the relationships between the workforce and its management, and of course, it costs the individual worker and his or her family.

With that in mind, here are some ways to safeguard a business against the threat of workplace injuries.

Evaluate and Identify

One of the first steps is to get realistic about what causes the biggest threats in a workspace.

It’s important for managers and leadership teams to get out and walk the floor, whether it’s a warehouse, assembly line or other workspace. The whole facility should be inspected carefully, and people should take notes and bring them back to brainstorming sessions.

By identifying the biggest risks, you can take the best steps to implement better workplace safety vis a vis core business operations.

Appoint Committees or Point People

One of the most popular choices is to assemble a group of people and establish a safety committee.

These people will be directly responsible for putting work into workplace safety initiatives. They’ll be available for questions, and they’ll be proactive about recommendations. By having specific point people in place, it’s easier to take initiative and get things done on the safety front.

When committees report to leadership, this setup is even more effective. You’ll have specific suggestions and recommendations getting generated consistently, and working their way up the chain for eventual consideration.


One of the biggest parts of education and training for workplace safety is labeling. There’s a reason why the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration or OSHA recommends the MSDS sheets that come with caustic chemicals. It’s because they help to label the hazard, and people learn about it visually. The same is true for powerful machinery, high-voltage electrical setups, and other hazards. Labeling is an extremely important front-line way of protecting workers and everyone else who visits a work area.

Training Sessions

Comprehensive education and training will prevent workplace accidents and injuries. So make sure to do as much of this as possible.

Invest extra time and training for minors, or other groups who may be particularly at risk because of their job descriptions.

It also pays to put a specific focus on groups of workers for whom English may not be a primary language. Multilingual workers can be at risk for injuries, because they understand less of the English language communication that takes place within the workspace. When they get additional training, possibly in their languages or through an interpreter, that training is more effective.

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