How to Increase Workplace Safety on a Budget

But I don’t have enough money!

Do you hear this from cash-strapped businesses arguing about why they can’t afford to implement good safety policies on the job? Has someone you know been guilty of this kind of thinking?

We understand that a budget is a serious limiting factor for any business. But in the end, no matter what your ledger looks like, safety is always an excellent investment. A relatively small amount of money can shield you from some serious problems that could threaten to sink your business.

So, here are some of the best ways to pursue safety on a shoestring budget.

Create a Safety Plan

In terms of actual physical resources and logistics, it doesn’t cost anything to make a safety plan in-house.

Sit down with leaders to hash out the best ways to ensure and promote safe outcomes at work. Make a list of the biggest risks that exist in your business model, and address them. Policies are free, and they can dramatically increase profits by taking away obstacles to a smoothly running enterprise.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Another important investment is to provide workers with the tools that they need to do a job safely. If they’re welding, do your people have adequate hoods and gloves and other gear? Even if they’re just carrying heavy materials, do they have steel toed boots?

From respiratory masks the harnesses to eye protection, PPE is an essential part of running a safe business. None of these items should break the bank — it’s more a question of finding the right vendors and buying in bulk. If you absolutely feel you don’t have the money, you can ask workers to pitch in, but keep in mind they have their own costs.

However you fund it, protective equipment is essential for any physical job.

Walk the Site

Another inexpensive way to promote safety is to get out and walk the site daily.

Instead of hiring a full-time “safety czar,” which can cost into the six figures with salary and benefits, choose an existing business leader to go out and take a physical look at the site on a regular basis. You’ll get many of the same kinds of intel, and real-time information you can use to fine-tune your safety policies and protect people.

A Corporate Culture of Safety

Simply put, when you promote the idea of safety from the top down, people get the message. On the other hand, when you act like safety is too much of a cost, people get that message as well, and they try to do jobs in unsafe ways. Stress the importance of safety at work, and you’ll get a lot less risk without spending a lot of money.

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