Four Mobile Apps That Can Help You Get More Done…In Less Time!

If you’re like many of us in the work world, you’re always looking for productivity solutions. People want to make sure they optimize the time that they have at work, to advance their career and get more on top of the many tasks that are part of their job roles.

Some new technologies can help. Here are some mobile apps that we have found pretty valuable at Full Steam Staffing.

This task management app comes compatible with a range of operating systems and has a variety of features that can help you to take charge of your time management and accomplish your productivity goals.

Some features allow users to build lists of critical tasks, while others help with meeting scheduling and other core aspects of a workday. Use this mobile app to get organized and get a better chance of managing everything that you have to do in a busy day. Lots of satisfied users have testified that is an essential part of using high-tech tools to work smarter, not harder, in a digitally connected world.


Lots of people are talking about this popular note-taking app, but they’re stressing that there’s a lot more to it than just notes.

There is text and voice memo capability built into Evernote, along with the ability to pin photos and add other kinds of information. Features like in-depth search and an intuitive interface make this app set an excellent way to manage documents and tasks. A version called Evernote Scannable helps you to make paper documents into easily accessible PDFs. In general, Evernote is helping people to bridge the gap between their hybrid worlds of paper and digital information exchange, and that’s one reason it’s so popular for busy professionals who are on the go.


For anyone who has to write a lot on any given day, Dragon is a special “secret weapon” that can radically change your productivity and open a capability for a wide range of job professionals.

Essentially, Dragon offers vanguard speech to text capability that helps you to dictate your speech instead of typing away at a keyboard. Can you do the same thing with Siri and Cortana? Not really. In some ways you can, but these more widely accessible platforms still haven’t built in the kind of vibrant speech to text that Dragon offers, which can have you writing e-mails, plans or any other document hands-free and greatly speed up the time that it takes to get your thoughts down in Microsoft Word.


Here’s another kind of productivity app that works a bit differently.

One of the biggest challenges with productivity is distraction.

Maybe you’re trying to stay on task, but you keep getting sidetracked by interesting articles and websites that seem to always be open in your browser.

With Pocket, busy users can just swipe these distractions into a folder for access later. That way you can still keep up on the latest news and drama from the outside world, without having it jeopardize your work.

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