The Negative Effects of Taking a Job You Don’t Really Want and How to Find One Better

Many of us have been in a situation where we ‘settled’ when looking for a new job. We take jobs just to be able to go to work again, but often regret jumping at the first opportunity or not waiting for a better offer.

Sometimes the new job just doesn’t offer the professional development that we want. Sometimes the salary’s not that great. Sometimes it’s not even full time, or the hours are terrible — for example, the position involves swing shifts for the third shift “graveyard” hours.

Negative Effects of Settling for a Job

The long-term effects of settling for a mediocre job can be profound.

First, you’re going to limit your compensation over time, which can have an effect on your finances. But there’s also the emotional effect of toiling away day after day at a job you’re just not passionate about.

That, in turn, can affect business relationships. A surprising amount of low productivity and low morale situations have to do with scenarios where people just don’t care that much about the work that they’re doing. On the flipside, companies that motivate and drive people improve the lives of their employees while also improving profits and success of their business.

How to Find a Good Job

When you go out looking for a good job that you’re going to love, money is part of it. You want a good salary. But beyond that, you want a good corporate culture.

We talk about corporate culture a lot, because it makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — if you have people at the top who can motivate and inspire, you’re going to go places.

A good corporate culture starts with worker support. It starts with family-friendly policies and the ability of managers to put themselves in other people’s shoes. It starts with basic respect for every human being that walks in the door.

Then, to that recipe for excellent corporate culture, you add passion. Incoming people should be passionate about the field. They should have extensive knowledge of how things are done, and they should be courteous and professional. You don’t have to be a Pollyanna to inspire people to positivity. It’s enough to demonstrate competence, wisdom, and interest and engagement.

So the bottom line is that job seekers should look around until they find one of these ‘best in class’ companies. In many cases, it really is the luck of draw — you might interview three or five or 10 times before you find people who you know you can trust. You’ll have to sort through all of those bottom of the barrel companies that only care about dollars. But when you finally get to the place that you want to be, it will be well worth the wait.

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