Four Strategies to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Committed to Your Organization

How do you prevent burnout and low morale?

How do you keep people loyal and keep them engaged in delivering products or services to customers?

In some ways, this is a fairly elaborate question — but in other ways, it’s just simple. Here are some basic philosophies that can help your company to retain good people and keep them working hard for you.

All in the Same Boat

One of the overarching management strategies that has worked so well for our clients is the principle of fundamental respect and togetherness.

It starts with treating everyone equally within a business – getting rid of the hierarchy and letting people know that everyone is worth a lot. That doesn’t mean there aren’t rules or a chain of command — what it means is that leaders serve those below them, rather than lording it over them.

Beyond that, a good corporate culture also promotes developing relationships — because relationships are really the lifeblood of a business. People who know each other and respect other are much more likely to give their discretionary productivity to the company, and more importantly, be happy and proud of where they work.

Always Highlight Advancement

Many of the smartest companies have leaders who remind people that they always want people to develop towards success.

In most cases, people in different levels of staff value the ability to move up. They want to move up, not just for more money, but to explore new opportunities, to grow new skills and have new experiences. So advancement is a highly valuable way to keep people engaged. However, it shouldn’t be seen as mandatory or something that’s being pushed on people – it should be an opportunity that people can choose to get into in their own time.

Taking Time

Some of the companies that don’t really grow their corporate cultures well are companies where every minute goes toward core business operations. There’s no introspection or ‘what are we doing’ or time to develop relationships and get to know each other. Everyone’s a slave to the clock.

A company like this may ship a few more units, but it’s shortsighted success. The company is likely to falter later on, when people simply get tired of toiling away without seeing a larger purpose.

On the other hand, some of the Silicon Valley giants and other most innovative companies are developing workspace environments where there’s quite a lot of down time — in fact, some of it might not be downtime at all, but creativity time that can help the business to work more efficiently.

Incentivize Loyalty

Companies are also more likely to retain people when they show that they care. If somebody just sees their job as a 9 to 5, they’re likely to work for a while and then move on. When they hear from the company often about their role and their importance, they’re more likely to stay.

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