Improving Your Team’s Productivity Starts With Improving Process

Efficiency in business means looking at every part of business operations and trying to make things work as smoothly as possible. As a top staffing agency in San Bernardino California, we know that improving operations is a major key to success. If you want higher productivity out of your workforce, first look at how things happen inside your business, and whether core business processes can be improved.

Brainstorming on Innovation

One of the first steps is to get a task force together and go look at business operations. When you walk the floor or dig into a company’s service model, some of the most practical changes should be pretty easy to spot.

Maybe there is the opportunity to bring supply chain materials to workers in a more efficient way. Maybe there are better ways to communicate with customers. Dedicating time to brainstorming and troubleshooting puts those changes in play, and it can really make a difference in profits and even contribute to a better corporate culture inside your business.

Don’t Overlook Ergonomics

For any kind of business with physical operations, ergonomics can make a lot of sense.

In today’s modern production environments, some of the best companies really put thought into every motion that an employee makes in working with physical materials and products. This includes putting tools on hydraulic or automated range of motion supports, or changing the orientation of a workbench or toolset to match what’s most convenient for a worker. Even in the digital world where the most common tools are laptop computers and phones, ergonomics can really change business outcomes.

Use Available Technologies

For most companies, one of the biggest opportunities for change and growth comes in the form of new software or applications.

You’ve often heard the phrase “there’s an app for that,” which has become kind of a cliché in our lives as consumers. But it’s really true in business — for all sorts of challenges that you face, and all kinds of improvements that you want to make, new technologies can be vital — one example is customer relationship management platforms that help companies to really change how they talk to their customers. CRM is a major benefit to companies, but so are workforce management tools, supply chain execution software, and much more. Don’t overlook the chance to put one of these systems in place to help improve your core processes, or utilize new communications or sharing apps to build better networks between employees.

Use the Power of the Suggestion Box

Another great tip is to open up efficiency and improvement brainstorming to the frontline workers who do the daily jobs that support your business.

A suggestion box allows the free flow of information between different levels of staff, and a lot of interesting and really valuable insights can get delivered through this kind of communication. Remember that the people who do the front-line, day-to-day work often have a unique vantage point to look at what works best, and what’s most efficient for the company.

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