Three Things You Should Do When Going Into a Warehouse for the First Time

Staffing services and other stakeholders know that warehouse safety is critically important. Asa staffing service offering jobs in Redlands, California, we know that companies need to do more than just give lip service to the idea of industrial safety in a warehouse atmosphere. They need to put in place common-sense safety policies and protocols to make sure that front-line workers are protected.

Here are three very important principles for making sure you stay safe in a warehouse environment that is new to you.

Dress Appropriately

Experienced warehouse managers know that a dress code is more than just a style consideration in a warehouse.

Proper dress starts with avoiding all sorts of fashion flourishes that can expose someone to danger in places where industrial equipment and vehicles are being operated. Even a necktie is not ideal, and items like long flowing scarves and dresses are inherently dangerous. Some warehouse managers also ban certain kinds of jewelry which can get in the way or trap limbs and digits in some types of warehouse task scenarios.

It’s also important to have protective equipment according to what’s happening in the warehouse. Steel toed boots or shoes are a common requirement — as are gloves and safety goggles in atmospheres that contain caustic chemicals or floating particles. Earplugs are also a proper piece of protective gear in loud warehouse areas.

Read Safety Materials

This is another excellent piece of advice that’s going to stand any new warehouse worker in good stead. Leaders should be sure that safety materials are posted in languages that all employees can understand. Reading things like equipment manuals and chemical safety sheets helps to avoid all sorts of harmful and tragic accidents at work. But again, the safety barriers include having only English-language materials that are not provided in a foreign worker’s first language, and not having important materials posted near a machine or workstation.

Doing a little bit of research can save a company a lot of money — and it can save front-line workers some serious consequences that can result in a lot of lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Listen and Learn

Along with reading up on safety, it’s important to listen and learn when you first enter a warehouse environment. Some companies set up specific hazard zones where workers understand they’re entering into a rough or high-pressure environment. In general, awareness helps — look for all types of mobile equipment that are moving around the warehouse area, and listen for the signs of the above processes that require safety responses.

These are just some of the things that smart workers and companies do to protect themselves when involved in warehouse operations. Safety is a good investment in more than one way. It helps decrease serious financial risks, and more importantly, it keeps individual workers safe.

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