Are Your Actions Among This List of Top Employee Complaints?

Sometimes, supervisors and managers need to check themselves to make sure that they are part of the solution in the workplace, and not part of the problem. As a leader among Staffing Agencies in Salinas, California, we have some tips to help leaders to self-evaluate.

No matter what level of staff you are at, you have the potential to move a company in a positive or negative direction. Take a look and make sure that you’re not contributing to some of these big workplace problems that tend to generate a lot of pushback from the rank-and-file.

Sensible Scheduling

One of the biggest complaints in nearly any department is a schedule that doesn’t work.

The schedule has to be a central document for the department, with transparency, integrity and a sense of balance. When certain people start working too many hours, or too many holes appear in the schedule, it causes enormous problems.

Likewise, if a schedule changes too often without enough notice, things get turbulent. Scheduling problems can lead to high turnover and other major challenges for company. So make sure that if you are contributing to the schedule, you’re running a well-oiled machine, and not just winging it.

A Welcoming Workplace

It’s also important to set a pleasant tone in the workplace.

Whichever direction leaders go, people will follow. That means people at the top have to set the stage for success and that means projecting positivity and inclusion.

This may sound simple, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. We’re only human, and it’s easy to give in to petty preferences and favoritism, or work out negative issues in the workplace. But leaders always have to be vigilant to make sure that they are serving the company and not themselves when they step in the door.

Climbing Up the Ladder

Another major employee complaint is lack of advancement opportunity.

These days, it’s important to think about everything that workers give to the company, and what they deserve in return. Managers and leaders who see it as — just a paycheck for a day’s work — often lose out to others who see the company as being built on relationships and having a very social dynamic. That means making sure that people feel they’re well-served, and that they feel like they have incentives to really participate and give their all to the company.

Structure and Success

Another major point is to be sure that core operations are being run in the best possible way.

Experienced managers know that employees can often smell failure and despair long before they are evident in the business. Businesses run on specific strategies, whether they’re restaurants, insurance agencies or energy utilities. That means that of the nuts and bolts of the processes need to be properly administered by skilled professionals. When supply chains get problematic, when customers aren’t well served, and above all, when people don’t get answers about core operations, people at the top start to look bad.

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