How Can You Help Your Employees Mitigate Back Injuries in a Warehouse Environment?

Back injury is a serious hazard in any kind of physical workspace, including a warehouse. Back injuries can happen for any number of reasons — including improper lifting, repetitive stress or traumatic impact. But how do you help workers deal with the effects of these injuries after they happen? Here are some tips from one of the top Staffing Agencies in Modesto California. These tactics and techniques are often used to deal with minor back injuries or other problems that, without treatment and/or lifestyle changes, can get worse over time.

Exercise and Mobility

One of the biggest protections for those who have endured some kind of back pain is therapeutic exercise. Doctors will sometimes recommend stretching as a way to keep the back limber and strong. Other specific kinds of exercise or physical therapy will help the back heal and prevent back problems from getting worse.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Sometimes it’s also possible to get therapeutic results with hot and cold presses. Having these kinds of treatment items on-site can help maximize productivity, decrease absenteeism and protect workers.

Immediate Rest

Just after a specific injury, it’s important to take time to rest and take pressure off of the back. This can help prevent compounding the injury with further stress. Doctors may recommend changes to the sleep schedule or other lifestyle changes that can help with existing back problems. They can evaluate how the injury happened and why it happened, and ward off increased pain and discomfort.

Repetitive Motion Control

Some back injuries can happen because of repetitive action, and some get worse if the worker is not ergonomic supported. It’s important to look at continual business processes and make sure they won’t make somebody’s back problem worse over time. Even if it means changing a job role temporarily or permanently, health and wellness is worth it.

Back Braces

Some types of modern back braces can be extremely helpful in a busy warehouse environment. For someone with either mild back pain or a minor injury, a back brace can be a good avenue of protection. Get the right kind of protective gear that are tailored to an individual’s workflow and environment.

Chiropractic and Medical Care

Some chiropractors can work wonders with a back injury. At a very minimum, someone with a back injury should get qualified medical examination to figure out how bad the problem is, and how to prevent it from worsening. This type of oversight and assessment is critically important in protecting workers from various kinds of injuries that can cause big problems over time.

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