Four Safety Precautions Every Forklift Driver Should Take Before Starting Their Shift

Forklift safety is important — whether you’re offering jobs in Watsonville, California or anywhere else, making sure that workers are fully supported decreases the chances of workplace injuries – and in turn, that decreases turnover, helps with productivity, eliminates some absenteeism, and generally protects both the individual worker and the company as well. It’s something that every manager should think about – not just because it’s nice to protect your employees, but also because not installing a safety policy leaves money at risk. The individual forklift workers need to think about these things, too – and sometimes that comes down to training and the deliberate creation of a “safety culture” in a workspace.

Here are some things that forklift drivers should be checking before they start every shift.

Checking Chains and Forks

Part of an OSHA requirement for regular forklift inspections is related to be the lift chain and fork system — operators will want to look at the welds for these parts and make sure that the fork retention system is properly in place.

Another good tip is to evaluate the actual forks. If they have worn away more than 10% of the total length, they should be replaced according to established safety protocols. Operators should look for cracks or looseness in any area of the lift structure, chain, forks or overhead guard, or other critical areas of the forklift.

Checking Tires

The state of the forklift tires is also critically important for good forklift safety.

Operators should make sure the tires are properly inflated, and that there are no leaks. They should look for excessive cracking or other signs of extreme tire wear such as baldness. It’s also important to check whether lug nuts are tight to be sure that wheels are securely in place – this provides key safety when the forklift is in being used.

Checking Warning Systems

The forklift is also equipped with specific warning systems that are there to protect everyone in a warehouse environment. Checking the backup alarm can mean the difference between safe and efficient operation, and an unfortunate accident. Check lights and horns and other warning safety gear before starting a shift.

Checking Steering

Steering is also a part of the forklift system that needs routine inspection. Make sure that the steering has enough play, and that there are no obstacles to an effective range of motion.

Along with these four important tips, forklift operators need to be skilled and experienced. They have to understand aspects of weight ratios and how far the forklift can extend without becoming precarious and dangerous. They need to understand load limits, how pallets are wrapped, and what kinds of pressures or impacts can cause accidents.

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