Is Your Posture Impacting Your Long-Term Health?

Poor posture is a bad habit — but it can also determine how well your body stands up to aging – not to mention your long-term quality of life. Make sure that you practice good posture to improve muscle and joint abilities, and to protect your spine and body structure from various kinds of health problems. Here are some tips from a company offering jobs in Lacey, Washington.

Too Much Sitting

One of the biggest keys to better posture is to make sure you get up and move around throughout the day.

So many of us have office jobs, pretty sedentary work that requires using a computer for hours each day. It’s easy to just plop down into a chair and stay there — but scientists have found this can really have an impact on health and disease rates. So what can you do?

One way to deal with this is to try to break up your workflow into tasks and take small standing and walking breaks in between. Even if it’s just to go to the printer, your body at least gets some variance in posture and adapts a little more throughout the day.

Many office workers also have the ability to use a standing desk, sit on a fitness ball, or otherwise change the way they work throughout the day. As new information comes out about the risks of sitting, more people are exploring alternatives.

Our Smartphones and Our Posture

Another potential problem with posture comes from our mobile devices.

You see it all the time — people sitting hunched over, face down, staring at a phone screen. This isn’t really good for your body over the long-term, either. You can experience a range of health problems related to unusual posture from staring at a smartphone — from cricks in your neck to upper back problems and strain on your vision.

Office Ergonomics

In general, it’s important to look at everyone’s workflow and how they accomplish it physically.

This is true in the office, and in the factory as well. In some of the best and most modern production environments, those who are working with physical products have benefited from ergonomic studies that determine where to put tools, how high to make a workbench and other aspects of the workstation.

The same is true in the office — workstations should be set up with attention to the user’s ergonomic needs. This is going to create a better environment, improve productivity and boost the value of what the business offers to employees.

Think about how a change in posture can make a change in your life – and adopt good habits to benefit from good ergonomics at work. Your body will thank you – and you’ll be setting a positive example for others.

The bottom line is that posture matters. We should stop pretending that bad posture doesn’t have a lasting effect on our bodies. We should think more about how we move through the day, literally, and how we can change our workdays to improve our long-term health.

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