Trust Us – A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way

How do you manage your workers? (It’s a question that we hear a lot as one of the most engaged staffing agencies in Stockton, California).

Everybody has different management and leadership styles. People can argue all day about which one’s best. But in general, there is a consensus that displaying gratitude to employees is a great way to reduce turnover, boost morality, and genuinely grow a positive corporate culture. And it might sound like something you do out of altruism, but improving your corporate culture can dramatically improve the longevity of your business, its profits and its reputation in the community — which will, in turn, drive more sales. In fact, a lot of experts feel that a positive corporate culture is the single most important advantage that some companies have over others. Citing examples like Costco versus Wal-Mart, these advocates argue that making your company a better place to work is going to raise its long-term stock value or bring in better sales numbers year after year.

Incentives for Good Work

One of the most common ways the company says thank you is by offering incentives. Sometimes it’s a neat game or contest for rewarding top performers. Sometimes it’s a set of perks that comes with seniority or long-term commitment. Sometimes it’s as simple as a candy bar on a desk, or gift card at holiday time.

Incentives are a great way to say thank you — but they shouldn’t be the entire strategy. That’s because incentives, while they benefit employees, sometimes lack a personal, relational aspect.

Throwing a Party

Many companies have a budget for social events that will help people do teambuilding naturally while also expressing gratitude for the hard work that employees do on a day-to-day basis. Food budgets are a big part of this allocation. It’s up to managers and leaders to determine what kinds of formats and venues are most attractive to their employees, what fits people’s schedules and what makes their employees most comfortable. Solve this puzzle, and you go a long way toward building a long-lasting culture of reciprocal respect and appreciation.

Words of Encouragement

In addition, the best managers know that some positive words go a long way. Positivity, in many senses, starts and ends with the short personal interactions that people have throughout their work day.

Managers who go out of their way to praise, encourage, build up and foster respect are often those who last longer at a job, move more quickly up the ranks, and enjoy more of the social benefits that come with being a good leader.

Sharing the Load

Along with the above, managers who understand that everyone should take up the company’s burdens go that extra step beyond, and sometimes achieve legendary status at their jobs.

When a top leader shows up for a direct work shift, it often takes people by surprise. They may not be dressed for the job. People aren’t used to seeing them on the floor or out in the field area, but the surprise quickly turns to a deep and long-lasting respect. It doesn’t matter whether the leader in question has gotten a little rusty on some of the skills that he or she probably learned on the way up. What matters is that that leader is making a dedicated display of gratitude by being present where people get the tough jobs done, by stepping out of his or her comfort zone and showing that at the end of the day, despite a corporate hierarchy, each person is an equal part of what makes the business run.

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