Should I Include All of my Work History in my Resume (I’m a Recent Grad)

Writing a resume can be a lot more complicated than it might sound. Some job seekers feel like it’s simple — you put your name and your contact information at the top, your work experience in the middle, and your references at the end. But a lot of job experts and experienced career professionals know it’s a lot more complicated than that – including some at temp agencies in Modesto, California.

Your resume is often your entry into the job world. It’s your ambassador — it has to tell your story well. So should you put all of your work history in a resume if you’re a recent graduate?

First of all, what kind of graduate are you? What is your field? How long have you been out of college? These are all interesting questions that you need to apply to this part of your resume writing. Here are some additional tips that might help you to make the right choices.

“I Was Busy”

In general, you want to show potential employers that you have an ongoing history of being busy, whether that’s at school or at work. So it can be a good idea to show interim jobs on a resume. It closes up job gaps and it makes you look dependable and stable. It also shows interest in companies where your money comes from, and how you have been able to support yourself over time. So even if you did work while you were in school, that’s a good thing to include.

Cluttering the Resume

At the same time, you don’t want the resume to be like one of those restaurant menus that serves too many entrées. You don’t want the reader to get tired or fatigued — that’s a good way to lose your place in a job applicant line. Instead, make sure your resume is easy to understand, clear and transparent, and limit the number of short-term jobs that you put on the page.

Make Your Accounts Complementary

Many companies are now using LinkedIn as an additional resource. That’s great, but if you’re going to present both your resume and your LinkedIn profile, make sure that they match. Any differences between these two resources are going to raise big red flags — they’ll at least cause confusion for readers. Was it this way — or the other way?

In general, it’s a good idea to put some thought into both your resume and your LinkedIn profile. The more impressive these look, the more likely you are to get a callback.


When you want to prove your experience and dependability, you may want to include references. Put these in a neat spot out of the way, and make sure that you pick the best ones. It’s okay to embellish a resume with some extra content, but it shouldn’t distract from the overall job that the hiring manager has — reading quickly through it to make decisions. Remember, these individuals have stacks of resumes in front of them, so keep it short and sweet and make it effective.

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