A Look Back at the Top Three HR Posts in 2017

Over the year, we’ve put out several dozen posts in an attempt to help busy human resources people and hiring managers to know what to do in a range of situations. With a flood of candidates at your door, some of this essential knowledge can help make your HR department more successful. Here’s some of what we talked about over the past year as one of the best temp agencies in Stockton California.

The Good Interview – Does it Really Reflect the Entire Picture?

In a February post entitled “The Secret to Identifying a Good Candidate for a Job — and Someone that can Simply Interview Well,” we took on the issue of actually verifying and validating interview results. It’s easy for someone to come into a room and wow a panel of interviewers — but does that mean the person’s going to be right for the job?

We went over some of the basics, such as the types of screening and assessment HR people should do, and how to ask some of the probing questions that make your team more likely to select the best people for a given job.

Safety on a Shoestring Budget

This was a great post that we published early in the year — about the simple idea that better safety doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. With that said, these common-sense safety solutions can provide a big return on investment if you don’t want the adverse effects of workplace injuries and higher worker’s compensation insurance rates.

Here, we pointed out that walking the site is a free way to improve safety. So is promoting a safe corporate culture. We also pointed out that things like goggles and gloves are literally $5-$10 apiece and can prevent $1 million legal liability.

Always keep an eye on this underreported aspect of business management, no matter what industry you’re in.

Budding Technologies

One of our other most popular posts for human resources people was a practical guide to applications and software products that help these busy professionals to do their jobs. We covered Any.do, Evernote, Dragon, and Pocket — from speech to text functionality, to new organization and digital to-do lists, these and other new apps were made to support someone who needs to keep on top of a complex human resources office and make sure that they cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s.

Think about how these sorts of tips can help your human resources office compete. And keep an eye on our blog in 2018, because we’ll be bringing you more info on what’s coming down the pike and insights on how to handle a range of HR situations.