A Look Back at the Top Three Job Seeker Posts from 2017

As this year comes to an end, we can look back on what we reported on over 2017, to give our readers an idea of what’s been important this year. What are the issues that people were talking about?

Here are three of the most popular blogs for job seekers that we published over the past 12 months – get jobs in Berkeley, California or anywhere else with time-tested tips.

Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

In a post back in March, we talked about the responsibility of companies to provide safe workplaces for employees, and the way that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA enforces this mandate.

We also noted some good tips for individual workers who may feel like something’s not quite right at their job. These include documenting any safety issues, reporting correctly through the chain of command, and shining a spotlight on problems to make sure that others see them. We are committed to supporting people who do the tough jobs all around this country, and we want everyone to know that safety should always be priority one.

Benefits of Temporary Work

When we wrote this, we were thinking about how temporary work always seems to get a bad reputation — in the traditional work world, many of us are taught to think that the only “real job” is a stable 9 to 5 job, and that everything else is just hobbling along or “dabbling”. However, that’s quickly changing — in today’s gig economy, there’s a lot more to be said for proactive self-starting and creativity than there is for slogging along doing the same thing for an entire career of 40 or 50 years.

With that in mind, we pointed out some of the big benefits to temp work — a chance to try out a new job role, a motivator to stay busy, and a way to get a foot in the door at a company. It’s not unlikely for a company to use a temp to hire approach –  faced with so much responsibility for combating turnover, managers often decide to promote temps to regulars. So before you knock temporary work, think about how many use it successfully as a steppingstone to a better career.

On the Night Shift

There might be some “sweet sounds going down” on the night shift (as fans of the Commodores would say) but in this post, we pointed out some of the scary things that can happen when you’re working a graveyard shift. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest ones — it can lead to slower sponsor times, serious fatigue, and all kinds of other problems which can lead to workplace accidents. There’s also the specter of skeleton crews — understaffing situations that can make work processes less safe. And of course, many of the top people are at home sleeping, and can’t give the graveyard shift the oversight that it might need.

Think about all of these big issues as you move forward into 2018, and make your career your own.