Do your temporary employees feel like they are part of the team, or outsiders looking in?

As one of the top companies offering jobs in Redlands CA, we’ve seen many companies benefit from hiring temporary workers. A temp strategy frees up valuable resources and helps companies to develop more agile staffing models, so that they don’t get overwhelmed or suffer from high turnover.

But not every company thinks about how its use of temporary workers might determine the results that it gets from a staffing company. This is a good thing to consider when you’re working with staffing agencies to get new people in the door.

Building and Evangelizing Your Corporate Culture

We talk a lot about corporate culture — because it’s important!

Your business is more than just a shop that makes widgets, or an office that sells services. It’s a social place — a place where people go to practice their values while they work on corporate and collaborative goals. As such, your business needs a culture. It needs to be able to define the values that people will share, and how they will work toward success.

When you share this corporate culture with temporary employees in key ways, they become much more a part of the team. There is a lot less feeling of alienation and isolation on the first day or the first week on the job. This is important because these people are taking notes and learning the ropes — they’re trying to fit in, and if they have a cultural way to do that, it puts them one step ahead.

Teaching the Essentials

It’s also important to have really good processes in place for onboarding.

Lots of HR departments know how to implement the standard training resources like safety videos and sexual-harassment workshops — they have these things in place, but they don’t focus as much on teaching the essentials that are part of the job.

If your temp people don’t know what to do on day one, their learning curve is going to be longer. If they don’t have good resources when they walk in the door, they’re not likely to develop those quite as well later on. Make sure you have comprehensive plans in place to teach new hires and temporary workers what they need to know.

Dedication to Respect and Empowerment

Aside from all of the above, you want to run a business that works well. Take scheduling, for example. Is your schedule a rats nest of gaps and holes and a furious frantic struggle to fill shifts every month? If it is, that’s going to impact your long timers and your temps alike — in a bad way.

On the other hand, if you already have good working relationships in place, temporary people can come in and benefit from those established norms. Business is about ‘civic good’ within its walls — it’s about making people feel respected and welcomed, so that they give their discretionary productivity to the company.

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